Complete List of the Program components
We send you everything you need to bring Divine Mercy into your Parish

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The Day of Grace Program Pays for itself!
Your cost can be completely recuperated with the sale of the 50 Family Consecration Prayer and Meditation Books—Divine Mercy Edition included in this program (can be sold for $10.00 each).

For the video program:

Your initial investment                                               -$499.95
Minus your sale of 50 prayer books (Included)         +$500.00
Your net cost after the sale of prayer book------------
à +$0.00

Plus your portion of the collection requested by

 Fr. Kosicki on the third video---------------------------à+_______             

For the program on satellite:

Your initial investment                                                    -$399.95

Minus your sale of 50 prayer books (included)          +$500.00

Your net investment after the sale of prayer book     +$100.00


Plus your portion of the collection requested by

Fr. Kosicki on the third program-----------------------à  +______ 

The extra $ amount earned helps with the cost of a Familyland Television Network subscription ($9.00/ month) and Dish satellite equipment and installation.   Please search under “TV” on this website for instructions on how to subscribe and purchase satellite equipment.  


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Preparation Materials

   A complete promotional literature package (press releases, posters, artwork, etc.)

   "Play Me First" video (160-560V)

   "Step-By-Step Manual" (375-79), which explains how to run the Day of race

   A 23" x 35" Divine Mercy picture (522-MP21) to be blessed, mounted or framed, and placed in the front of the church

   A set of Day of Grace Summary & Training Tapes (video/audio) (147-57VK)

   A 3/4" broadcast–quality 60-second TV commercial and a 281/2-minute promotional TV show (147-45MD) in which you can have the local station superimpose the time and place of your event

   A broadcast–quality audio tape for radio stations which has the same 60-second commercial and 281/2-minute show as above (147-45AMD)

   Day of Grace preview tapes (one 5-minute video and one audio) to play at Easter Sunday Masses (147-47V/A)

   Audio of Dom Lettieri’s radio talk show with Jerry Coniker on the Day of Grace program (120-228A)




Mercy Sunday Materials

   Mercy Sunday Mass 5-minute preview tapes (one video and one audio) to play at Mercy Sunday Masses (147-53V/A)

   Six videos for actual program: three 59-minute Day of Grace videos (147-42V, 147-43V, 147-44V), one Time for Mercy 67-minute video (522-7V), one Examination of Conscience Video (147-65V) and one Be Not Afraid Family Hour video (Week 1 of Living Eucharist, 133-381V)—These videos are omitted from the satellite program since they are broadcast live on Familyland Network.

   Music video which can be played before the program begins and between segments (198-250V)

   100 Spiritual Bouquet cards for our Holy Father, the Pope (312-498)

   50 Family Consecration Prayer & Meditation Books—Divine Mercy Edition (Includes the devotional book published by Blessed Faustina’s order in Krakow, Poland; Pope John Paul II’s encyclical on Divine Mercy with Fr. George Kosicki’s commentaries; Cardinal Arinze’s spiritual classic for our time, Alone with God; St. Louis de Montfort’s Friends of the Cross, Divine Mercy Stations of the Cross; and other prayers and meditations.) Over 550 pages. 41/4"x7" (305-14)(Can be sold for $10.00/ea. x 50=$500.00 which enables you to totally recoup your original $499.95 investment for the video program, or you actually earn $100 if you broadcast live from Familyland Network!)



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