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Holy Family Fest >> Lodging Availability

2014 Holy Family Fest Season Lodging Availability

As of: 04/9/2014

Fest: #1


#3 #4 #5
Date: June 14-20 June 28-July 4 July 12-18 July 26-Aug. 1 Aug. 9-15
SJF Cabins:

6-Available     0-Wait List

0-Available     14-Wait List

0-Available     11-Wait List 0-Available     22-Wait List 0-Available      12-Wait List
HFP Cabins:

0-Available      2-Wait List

0-Available     8-Wait List

0-Available     3-Wait List 0-Available  10-Wait List 0-Available     2-Wait List
If you've never been to a Holy Family Fest before we may be able to suggest alternative lodging.  Please email us at and we'll get back to you with our lodging alternatives.

Above- St. James Field Cabin (left); Holy Family Park Cabin (right)

Note - Campsites and RV's are still available for ALL Fests!  Please also consider lodging Off-site.

Above- Holy Family Park; A Typical RV

(Note- These are not the exact RV's that you would receive. The make and model may vary upon availability)

For a map of Holy Family Park and St. James Field, click HERE.

(Updated 04/9/2014)

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