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THoly Family Fest Frequently Asked Questions


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Pets, Internet and Late Arrivals


Fest Schedule





Yes!  When you register your family you can register your friend(s) or other persons who will be accompanying and staying with your family for the event.  Any children under 18 need to have their parents fill out a "Child Release Form." The non-family member child registration fee will apply.  Anyone 18 or older would be registered at the adult rate and would not need to have a release form from their parents.




St. James Field Cabin Facts  located near St. Joseph Auditorium. 

Click here for photos

Each cabin contains:

  • Full-size refrigerator with freezer top (bring ice cube trays or you can buy ice on the grounds)

  • All Cabins have Microwaves. However, please note that we don't have the resources to replace the donated microwaves that we currently have. 

  • Air-conditioner/heater

  • 1 double bed & 2 sets of bunk beds with mattresses (bring your own linens, pillows, towels, and toiletries)

  • Loft above bunk beds that sleeps 3-4 kids (bring your own pillows & sleeping bags--mattresses not provided)

  • Wooden  eating table with 2 benches (no picnic table outside the cabin).

  • Window curtains & screens

  • Screen door

  • Light fixture

  • Several 3-pronged electrical outlets (can withstand small appliances if you would like to brings)

  • Changing room

  • Shelves & small counter top

  • Clothes hooks and clothes poles (bring extra hangers)

  • smoke detector

  • broom  & dust pan

  • No running water, sink or toilet in the cabin.  There are separate bathhouses nearby with toilet and shower facilities.

  • Water spigots with drinkable water located throughout the areas near cabins & campsites.

  • One large fire pit at St. James Field.

You can park your vehicle by your cabin.  RETURN TO TOP

HFP CABIN FACTS--11 cinder block cabins located among the campsites, near the swimming pool, snack bar etc.  Each cabin contains:

  • Click here for photos

  • Full-size refrigerator with freezer top (bring ice cube trays or you can buy ice on the grounds)

  • All Cabins have Microwaves. However, please note that we don't have the resources to replace the donated microwaves that we currently have. 

  • Four sets of bunk beds with mattresses (bring your own linens, pillows, towels & toiletries)

  • Small table inside and a picnic table outside the cabin and at the campsites.

  • 3-pronged electrical outlets (can withstand small appliances if you would like to bring)

  • Curtained off changing area

  • box fan (no air-conditioning)

  • Broom & dust pan

  • No running water, sink or toilet in the cabin.  There are separate bathhouses nearby with toilet and shower facilities.  Water spigots  with drinkable water located throughout the areas near cabins & campsites

  • One large fire pit at Holy Family Park

You can park your vehicle by your cabin.  RETURN TO TOP

We offer a dinner plan consisting of six catered dinners (Saturday through Thursday).  Dinners include the main course, vegetable, tossed salad, drink (hot & cold) and desert.  Menu varies but you can expect meals like Turkey, Chicken, Pasta, Roast Beef, Pork, Sloppy Joes etc,...  RETURN TO TOP

Two (2) weeks prior to the Fest that you're attending.  It cannot be ordered on site or for just a day or two.  It comes as a package of 6 dinners.  RETURN TO TOP

You may add your family to the dinner plan up to 2 weeks prior to the fest you are attending. RETURN TO TOP

We recommend that you sign up for the dinner plan when you are for sure that you'll be participating in it (must sign up at least 2 weeks prior to the fest you're attending. RETURN TO TOP

Our Mama C's Snack Shack offers a variety of lunch and dinner food such as grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, cheese burgers, Italian sausage, chicken nuggets, fish sandwiches, pizza, corn dogs, French fries, ice-cream, etc.  You also may bring your own food, outside grill and/or other cooking equipment. RETURN TO TOP

families should Bring their own breakfast items since there is no food available for purchase until the afternoon.  RETURN TO TOP

there are grocery stores  located in the Steubenville/Wintersville: a Walmart Supercenter (Steubenville) about 20 minutes from Catholic Familyland, and a Kroger's Grocery Store (Wintersville) about 15 minutes away . There are also a few convenient stores located about 10 minutes from Catholic Familyland. Directions to these stores will be included in your registration packet. RETURN TO TOP

STAYING AT FAMILYLAND you'll receive the maximum spiritual benefits for this week of God-centered time wth your family.  We encourage you to stay on the grounds, if possible.  You'll meet and bond with other Catholic families. RETURN TO TOP

Approx. 1 mile.  You can either drive (road not suitable for bikes), or walk the beautiful wooded trail (takes about 15-20 minutes).  Throughout the trail are Stations of the Cross and the Mysteries of the Rosary.  Hiking trails are also available. RETURN TO TOP

Yes, priests are most welcome!  Often times they come with a family who is attending a Fest, or they are free to attend alone.  Each priest must complete a Registration Form including their Year of Ordination, and the Diocese of their Incardination and/or their Religious Order.  Based on availability (first come, first serve), we will provide them with a retreat room and meals during the Fest.  We ask for a "free will offering" (is appreciated, but not required) of whatever he can afford (which helps to cover the cost of the food).  Often times, the family who is bringing the priest, will offer to pay for this.  If this is the case, kindly include payment when you send in the registration form for the priest(s).  He will receive a confirmation letter with all the details.  We invite all priests to concelebrate and all deacons to assist at Mass each day. Please bring an alb. We also invite the priests to help administer the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the families, and we are most grateful for this service!   They are also welcome to participate in the various morning activities for the adults (refer to this area of our website for more details).  RETURN TO TOP

Please click here to read our payment, cancellation and refund policies.  RETURN TO TOP

AN EMAIL CONFIRMING YOUR REGISTRATION will be sent to you prior to the event along with directions and a reminder of what to bring. RETURN TO TOP


THE FEST STARTS ON SATURDAY AT 11am with registration.  Dinner on Saturday begins at 4:30pm, followed by 6:30pm Mass and orientation.  Registration is open until 10:00 p.m.  FOR THOSE ARRIVING AFTER 10:00pm, please contact Tim Croes at 740-632-3269 upon your arrival.  He will show you to your lodging site and get you set up for the night.  Please be sure to stop by the Registration Table at the St. Joseph Auditorium, Sunday after the 10:00a.m. Mass (Mass will be in the Auditorium), to complete your Registration process  

Directions to the Auditorium:  If you're staying at Holy Family Park, make a left turn immediately after existing the park, this is County Road 36.  Go approx. 1 mile (you'll pass a lake on your right), immediately after the lake, follow the sign on the left that says "Queen of All Hearts Conference Complex" into the parking area.  The Auditorium is the long gray building on your right (across from the jungle gym).  If you're staying at St. James Field, exit the cabin area the same way you came in, and the Auditorium is the long gray building across from the jungle gym.

If you know ahead of time that you'll be arriving AFTER 10:00pm on Saturday, please contact in advance, so we can give you your lodging information.   

Check-out is on Friday, no later than 2:00 p.m.

More specifics will be in your confirmation letter.  Upon arrival, you'll receive a schedule of events for the week. RETURN TO TOP


  • Linens: towels, sheets, pillows, etc.

  • Blankets, sleeping bags, sleeping pads

  • Standard 13 gallon kitchen trash bags (2 bags will be provided)

  • Coolers, as needed (Refrigerator provided in cabins and RV's)

  • Grill, griddle, crockpot, skillet

  • Quarters and $1 bills for vending machines

  • Flashlights

  • Bible and Rosaries

  • Board games

  • Sports equipment (For use at your cabin.  We do have sports equipment that can be used in common in the field at Holy Family Park)

  • Sun block

  • Spare batteries

  • Extra hangers


PACK CASUAL, MODEST CLOTHES for the week.  Prepare for hot summer days and possible cool nights.

For pool attire we ask the women to wear modest one-piece bathing suites and the men to wear modest, boxer-short type swimsuits.  Little ones will be asked to wear swim diapers for kiddie pool.

For those going on horse (must be at least 10 years old) and pony rides, bring sturdy closed-toe shoes and long pants.

All children who have received their First Holy Communion within year are invited to bring their special clothing--veil, dress, suites--for the Eucharistic procession at the Sunday Mass. RETURN TO TOP


Since there are no laundry facilities on the grounds, you can take advantage of the pre-paid laundry service.  You would purchase a 10-gal. bag from us (10 lbs of dirty clothes per bag max.  You can buy more than 1 bag).  They will pickup/dropoff your laundry at Catholic Familyland (wash, dry, fold your laundry).  Cost varies year to year but it's approximately $35/bag.


The fee for horseback riding is $15.00/person, per trail ride (must be 10 yrs and up). 

All other activities (swimming, water slide, sports, etc.) are free of charge.  RETURN TO TOP

You can bring your bikes and fishing poles.  You may ride your bikes in St. James Field and Holy Family Park ( no bike trails available).  You can fish in our St. Francis Lake (bring bait and tackle). RETURN TO TOP

Toddlers and babies ages 3 and under will stay with their parents.  For your convenience, during all events located in St. Joseph auditorium (including Mass), there is a sectioned off play area for parents to a allow their children to play in.  A live television feed of the event going on in the auditorium is located in play area for parents' viewing while watching their children (ages 3 and under).  Redeemer Hall Nursery is also available, with live feed. RETURN TO TOP

activities available for children ages 0-12, click here.   RETURN TO TOP

activities available for TEENS, PARENTS & BEYOND, click here.   RETURN TO TOP

Sorry, no pets allowed.  Pets are not allowed but can be boarded at Two Ridge Veterinary Clinic, LLC in Bloomingdale, OH. Contact them at 740-264-6320. They are located approximately 20 minutes from Familyland. RETURN TO TOP

Wireless Internet access is available in and around the auditorium.  If you have need of this during your stay please contact the Information desk or cashiers for the password. RETURN TO TOP


Catholic Familyland
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