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La Misión del Apostolado para la Consagración de la Familia

La Misión del Apostolado para la Consagración de la Familia (AFC) en México

Our center, El Apostolado para la Consagración de la Familia en México, Centro San José (AFC México), was established through the invitation of the Archbishop of Mexico in 1999.  Two members of the Catholic Corps Women, Catherine Wall and Roseanna Tamayo (now replaced by Lauri Waken), along with Tani, Anna, and Joseph Friedrich (a full time family with the AFC) were initially sent to establish this mission.

Currently this center holds several retreats & workshops per year.  They have a live TV show every Tuesday from 10 to 11am on Mariavision.  In addition they broadcast the AFC’s Family Hours every Saturday at 10pm.

If you would like more information on our mission in Mexico, you may contact Tani Friedrich at the following:
Mailing address: Apartado 12, Municipio de Atlautla, Edo. de México, C.P. 56970, MEXICO
Telephone: 597 976 7093 y 7073 lada nal. (01), internal. (52)

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