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Commentaries on Drawing Down Divine Mercy, on DVD

In this six

In this six-part program, Fr. George Kosicki explains Pope John Paul II’s encyclical, Rich in Mercy, and expounds on themes such as the Messianic message, Mary as Mother of Mercy, and how the Church proclaims and practices mercy. Drawing Down Divine Mercy is a response to Pope John Paul II’s statements that "we have a greater need than ever for regenerating an experience of mercy" (April 10, 1994, Mercy Sunday)... a need "to personally experience this mercy in order to be merciful and forgive - and so break the spiral of violence by the miracle of forgiveness" (April 23, 1995, Mercy Sunday). Can be used with Drawing Down Divine Mercy Prayer & Meditation Book.


Content of Commentaries on Drawing Down Divine Mercy: 

  • Summary of Drawing Down Divine Mercy
  • He Who Sees Me Sees the Father & The Messianic Message
  • Old Testament & Mary's Role, The Prodigal Son
  • The Paschal Mystery & Love More Powerful Than Death
  • Mother of Mercy, Mercy From Generation to Generation
  • Church Professes and Proclaims, Putting Mercy into Practice, Prayer of the Church for Mercy