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Fatima, the Great Sign

When the atomic bomb destroyed Hiroshima in 1945, eight men living near the blinding centre of the nuclear flash miraculously survived the searing hurricane of blast and gamma rays, while everyone within a mile radius perished and others residing further afield continue to die from the lethal effects of ratification. For over thirty years, some two hundred scientists have examined these eight men, trying in vain to determine what could have preserved them from incineration. One of the survivors, Fr. H. Shiffner, S.J. gave dramatic answer on TV in America. "In that house, we were living the message of Fatima." The miracle amid the ashes of Hiroshima was but one in a chain of grace released on the world through Fatima ever since the firmament-shaking miracle of the sun in 1917. To cite another of the author's many examples: while no nation on earth seems able to stem the global advance of Communism (which our Lady had foretold with unerring accuracy in 1917, together with the reason for it), nevertheless, in those countries where sufficient people resolutely compiled with the Fatima message, the red tide, even at the last moment, was mysteriously halted and routed. Such was the case with Austria (1955), Brazil (1966), Chile and Portugal (1975). And behind the Iron Curtain, the Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima was the direct cause of the first churches to be built in Poland since the end of the second World War. By: Francis Johnston