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Purgatory explained by the lives and legends of the Saints. It is a fact of divine revelation that the soul of every person who dies in the state of grace, but without having made sufficient expiation on earth for his forgiven sins, will undergo punishment and purification of Purgatory before entering heaven. In this fascinating book Fr. Schouppe presents the ancient Catholic tradition on Purgatory, explaining how its pains are excruciating--greater than any suffering on earth. He explains how they are adapted to the past sins of each individual soul, how they can vary in duration from less then one minute to a period of several centuries, and how they manifest the infinite mercy and justice of God. Purgatory Explained is a book which goes to the very heart of the Faith and should be read by every Catholic, by everyone who has deceased relatives or friends, by everyone who has sins to make up for, and by everyone who wants to make a spiritual investment that will return to him a hundredfold. By: Fr. F.X. Schouppe, S.J.